Matthew Murray

Matthew is best described as an explosion of creativity, with his life's slogan being; "I am not crazy I am just in my right mind!" He has explored many fields within the performing arts but his primary passions are those of dance and acting. For Matthew, the arts served not only as a means of expression but also as a vehicle to overcome many deep challenges. It gave him a voice and power to speak, to challenge the status quo and to inspire his peers into finding their creative voice.

He served as a senior performer and coach at Afri-Can for 6 years specialising in Theatre in Education, Dance and Choreography. During this time he performed in various productions both locally and internationally as well as writing various satire pieces specifically geared at young people. For the past 7 years he has explored his passion for design and now runs his own brand styling and graphic design agency called Matfinish. His infectious energy and dynamic personality are keys in his success as a coach and trainer and through this he has both empowered and inspired many young people to pursue their dreams.