We offer accredited courses to organizations and individuals to strengthen the capacity of health, education and community development organisers, workers and professionals to deliver effective and creative arts- based psychosocial support services.

Courses offered include:

Fire Maker for ECD

TARGET GROUP: 4 x 2-day workshops and 2 x 2-day group sessions designed to deepen the psychosocial support capacity of child, youth and social workers. Accredited with 64 points by the HPCSA. OBJECTIVES: Equip careworkers with tools to be used in Psychosocial support of children through building a healthy relationship between careworker and child. FM1: FIREMAKER EXPERIENTIAL ARTS WORKSHOP To give participants an immersive experience of the arts with the understanding that many careworkers have themselves been deprived of opportunity and resources to engage in creative arts activities and safe play. FM 2: COLLECTING FIREWOOD To lay the foundations of theoretical underpinnings of the Firemaker method through embodied learning. FM 3: FIRE MAKING To deepen the participants experience and understanding of how the arts can support building a healthy relationship with the child at the same time as building resilience in the child. FM 4: TENDING THE FIRE To build the confidence in participants to practice creative arts activities with children.

Bright Sparks

TARGET GROUP: Youth Leaders and Organisers. 1 x 2-day workshop and 2 group support sessions to develop and enhance facilitation skills through the use of creative arts for Youth Leaders and Organisers.

Beyond Words

TARGET GROUP: 1 x 3- day workshop in the use of arts based techniques in work with children, youth and adults for qualified social workers, occupational therapists, clinical and educational psychologists and registered counsellors Accredited with 18 CEU points by the HPCSA. OBJECTIVES: Increased capacity in creative techniques for energising, connecting, practicing mindfulness in action and relaxation to advance the mental and spiritual health of their clients.

Tilling Ground

TARGET GROUP: 1 x 3-day workshop and 2x 1-day community of practice sessions for multi-stakeholder process facilitators and mediators interested in bringing creative arts tools and trauma- informed approaches into their practices and processes. OBJECTIVES: To enhance the approach of facilitators and mediators in their efforts to deepening dialogue and resolution in groups through the use of Zakheni's transformative arts methodologies.