The pulse of Zakheni is the belief in the capacity and power of the creative arts to initiate transformation.


The accessibility of creative arts therapies and applied arts services in the pursuit of health and wellbeing, growth and development of individuals and communities in South Africa


Ethical and professional delivery of a range of creative arts-based psychosocial and therapeutic services and capacity building programmes to individuals, groups, communities, organisations and social development institutions across South Africa

Our approach is not new, it is ancient. Human beings have always known that they need to gather, around fires, tell stories, dance, make rhythm and make art. It is what keeps us strong, connected to ourselves, each other and the environments we live and work in.
Working creatively, we recognise beyond the trauma and pain that disturbs health, the inherent strength, resilience and resourcefulness within all human beings. Through moving, making, creating, enacting and playing, we encourage the health of the individual and the community or collective, to come into expression. We understand that the art forms themselves ensure the work is both deep and safe.
Zakheni is ensuring that the fires stay alight in communities, organisations and institutions by supporting them to tap into the transformative resource of their stories, as well as making the creative arts therapies profession and its services more visible and accessible to all.

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Our ways of being and doing integrates creative arts approaches in personal and organisational transformation. It’s more than theatre in education or therapy through the arts - it’s an experimental hub that searches ways to practice deepening our authenticity so that healthy people encounter each other and do purposeful acts of work and kindness with each other!
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